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HTW with Zoe and Erica

Feb 20, 2019

Brooke Alpert is a nationally recognized nutrition expert, a certified holistic cannabis practitioner, and the founder of Daily Habit, the first product that combines the effectiveness of full-spectrum CBD with the health benefits of MCT, all in a convenient dry powder (that also tastes delicious, which was a nice surprise when we got to try it).


Brooke’s husband was struggling with chronic pain, and they tried all kinds of medical interventions to no avail. Then they discovered CBD and things started to change. CBD is pretty hot right now and some of the claims can seem almost impossible, so it’s refreshing and reassuring to hear about the science behind why it actually works from a nutritionist’s point of view.


So relax and tune in while Brooke gives us the scoop on her story, the science of CBD, and more...


  • How CBD has allowed Brooke’s husband to be there for more of the important moments in their daughter’s life
  • Brooke’s personal experience with CBD: “When I take it, I have that chip off my shoulder”
  • Discovering that CBD isn’t just a treatment for chronic issues – it’s a wellness supplement!
  • Why CBD affects everyone differently
  • How the stigma around CBD prevents more people from giving it a fair chance--ahem, Erica’s mom...
  • Becoming a certified cannabis practitioner & introducing CBD into her private practice--we love that she’s been schooling her patients and they are actually getting on board!
  • The difference between CBD and THC
  • The polarizing field of nutrition and what dieticians are talking about behind closed doors
  • Delicious ways you can incorporate Daily Habit into your routine




Nutraceutical + Follicle = Nutrafol!


Erica has been using Nutrafol religiously for the past few months, and the reviews are in: her hair is thicker, stronger, and longer! Nutrafol isn’t just a little bottle of biotin – it is an amazing combination of all-natural, plant-based ingredients that support your body’s immune system and help reduce stress to go after the root cause of most hair problems.


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