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HTW with Zoe and Erica

Sep 18, 2019

This week we’re back at FounderMade’s discovery show with a whole new batch of founders.  We love getting a chance to hear their inspiring stories, but even more, we love our rapid fire Q&A’s as it always brings some fun facts and surprising stories to light.  Today’s ep features founders from:

  • Green Road
  • Cannuka
  • Higher Mind
  • Intoxicating Beauty
  • Final Straw

Between them they make beauty items with cannabis, manuka honey, beer, sake, wine or spirits, pharmacist-formulated CBD products, adaptogen beverages to help your brain focus and a turtle-friendly collapsible straw. 


Our guests talk about...

  • Snake oil salesman and the lack of regulation in the CBD industry
  • How we need more CBD nutrients in our lives, but not in burgers or ice-cream 
  • Beauty for the canna-curious
  • Staying awake at work without caffeine or sugar
  • How beer is SO GOOD for your skin
  • Non-consensual plastic
  • How if you don't like turtles, you're a monster
  • Bunny smuggling
  • Foreverables



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