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HTW with Zoe and Erica

Sep 25, 2019

Dr. Sonya Rhodes is a psychotherapist and author of four books including Cold Feet and The Alpha Woman Meets Her Match. (ahem, attention Santa!)  She’s a relationship therapist who’s actually been married for… she didn’t want to say exactly but for a long time. In this episode she spills the beans on what makes a marriage work or not, and gets honest about the struggles in her own marriage (her husband originally thought she would be putting his clothes away and arranging the flowers). We love her for getting super candid and vulnerable, and helping us to better navigate what relationship wellness means today.  We also cover what kind of marital problems couples are bringing to her couch. 


Dr. Sonya Rhodes talks about...

  • Slow love and pre-marriage
  • Who’s getting divorced--spoiler alert: it’s not the young-uns
  • Resentment in a relationship--spoiler alert: it’s actually a GOOD thing--do we have your attention yet??
  • Couples who haven’t had sex in years--heads up: the prognosis is not good
  • How many positive to negative interactions there should be in a marriage--yep, there’s an actual number





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