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HTW with Zoe and Erica

Nov 14, 2018

Sharon began her journey when she healed her son from chronic health issues using real food and bone broth. Sharon believed that the healing power of bone broth should be available to everyone and, so, Bonafide Provisions was born. Now the #1 selling frozen bone broth in the nation, it was born out of necessity in this incredible mom of three’s relentless search to heal her child without drugs. 

You’ll learn for the first or the thousandth time just how critical it is to have a healthy gut, and the incredibly easy way to get on the path immediately. Equal parts boss lady, nutritionist, and badass mother hen, Sharon is a wealth of knowledge and breaks down the science behind gut healing in simple and inspiring ways. 

Here's some of what we covered with Sharon:

·     After watching their son struggle for years with health issues that then translated into problems in school, Sharon knew it was time to take matters into her own hands. Exhaustive research led her to discover the centuries old practice of drinking bone broth for good health. She rolled up her sleeves, and tapped her chef husband (LUCKY!) and together they became bone collectors…not like that. 


·     She saw powerful and immediate results in her son, which inspired her to pursue nutrition more formally to spread the gospel, hallelujah. 


·     An ancient proverb says “A good bone broth can resurrect the dead” It can also make for an amazing podcast episode. 


·     Here’s a great visual to explain the mind-gut connection—it starts in utero, when one piece of tissue splits and becomes the gut and one becomes the brain—they live together like Siamese twins in your body. So when you even THINK about speaking in public and then get butterflies in your stomach, that’s the wonder twins at work. Bone broth = twinning!


·     We learn why NYU is now offering FREE MEDICAL SCHOOL. Yes, you heard right.


·     So if bone broth is such a magical remedy, why doesn’t your doctor tell you about it? Two reasons: Western physicians have LESS THAN 40 hours of nutrition study in their entire field of study, so food therapies are simply not top of mind for them. Plus, you can’t patent bone broth, but you can patent a pill, and the pills peeps are the ones paying doctors better than their salaries.  


·     Sharon breaks down the various ways that bone broth works its magic in your tummy, including all its different nutrients and what they do. Nerd alert—this stuff is fascinating. 


·     Hippocrates said all disease begins in the gut. Good thing it’s only thousands of years later yet most of us are still in the dark on this one. Sigh. 


·     Bonafide is the #1 Frozen broth nationwide—so they’re actually, like, BONA FIDE. Genius. 


·     Stock from concentrate is NOT the same as bone broth. Go straight to the freezer if you want the real deal. If it ain’t frozen, then be like Elsa and let it go. 


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