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HTW with Zoe and Erica

Sep 25, 2019

Dr. Sonya Rhodes is a psychotherapist and author of four books including Cold Feet and The Alpha Woman Meets Her Match. (ahem, attention Santa!)  She’s a relationship therapist who’s actually been married for… she didn’t want to say exactly but for a long time. In this episode she spills the beans on what makes...

Sep 18, 2019

This week we’re back at FounderMade’s discovery show with a whole new batch of founders.  We love getting a chance to hear their inspiring stories, but even more, we love our rapid fire Q&A’s as it always brings some fun facts and surprising stories to light.  Today’s ep features founders from:

  • Green Road

Sep 11, 2019

If nothing makes you happier than than an ice cream sandwich chasing a meatball, Michael Chernow is your patron saint of restaurateurs. In this episode we chat with our fellow nightlife industry veteran, whose long road to sobriety culminated in career success beyond his dreams.  Michael rode the huge success of...